NFL Covid 19 Update

As part of their recent memo to teams, the NFL announced that if vaccinated players miss a game while on the Reserve/COVID-19 list, they will still be paid any roster bonuses that they are owed for that week.

If an unvaccinated player misses a game while on the Reserve/COVID-19 list, they will forfeit any per-game roster bonuses for that week. NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills informed league officials that 80% of players have taken at least one COVID-19 shot.

As of today, nine teams are over a 90% vaccination rate with only five teams sitting below a 70% vaccination rate, Sills announced. In response to the NFL’s memo about potential COVID-19 game forfeitures, the NFLPA issued a statement of their own on Thursday night.

In the memo sent to players, the NFLPA said the only difference in this year’s protocols is the “NFL’s decision to impose additional penalties on clubs which are responsible for the outbreak and the availability of proven vaccines.”

“The protocols we jointly agreed to helped get us through a full season last year without missing game checks and are effective, when followed,” the NFLPA memo said.

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