Report: Doctor states Big E wrestling career might be over

David Chao, who spent 17 years as the team doctor of the San Diego Chargers and is currently part of the medical team at OASIS in San Diego, has published an article on suggesting E’s wrestling career might be over, though he points out recovery typically only takes three months in such a case.

“The C1 fracture is most dangerous as the top cervical vertebrae is a ring and is commonly associated with immediate death or complete paralysis. Thankfully the fracture was not displaced and he will not need surgery. However, this type of fracture often heals incompletely and it may mean the end of his wrestling career,” Chao wrote.

“The C6 fracture is likely a compression injury to the vertebral body. This likely requires immobilization but not surgery. One would anticipate a minimum of three-month recovery with return to full function and activities for this lower cervical injury.

“Previously, I had worked regularly with WWE as a consulting physician for events and performing surgery. I can assure you the stunts that are executed are real and come with risk, even though some consider the sport to be “fake.”

Big E WWE Champion Cropped

“We continue to send our best wishes to Big E and wish him a full and complete recovery from this horrible injury. Also, please do not send any hate towards Ridge Holland for the incident, as accidents happen in wrestling.”

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