WWE release Samoa Joe

According to a report from Fightful Select, talent actually learned about Joe’s release on Wednesday even though the news did not break publicly until Thursday. WWE has not been making public statements about releases for quite some time, but had been sending updates on their talent relations app. However, this hasn’t been the case recently, meaning there has been no internal communication from the company about recent strings of releases.

The report also claimed that the reason behind Samoa Joe’s release lined up with the reported philosophy that the company is looking to dismantle the vision Triple H had for NXT from 2013-2021 and remove people Triple H brought in directly.

Fightful Select notes that they were told that no in-ring talent would be a part of this latest set of releases, which indicates that the company considered Samoa Joe’s time as an in-ring competitor to be over. Staff at the Performance Center noted to Fightful that after Samoa Joe was stripped of his NXT Championship due to an undisclosed injury, there was little to no talk of him returning to the ring and he’d settled into his new role as a scout very well.

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